Raquel Fernandes

Hi, I am Raquel Fernandes , welcome.
I am a Motion Designer, based in London.
I have more than 10 years of experience in motion design,
3D generalist and art direction.

I am really passionate for animation and 3D.
I would be glad to show you my work. I hope you enjoy it.




Platform to create your own post

We developed a platform, that everybody can create their own posts, with diferent cenarios and objects.
Agency: LOV
Creative Director: Rafael Conde
Art Director: Rafael Ponzini, Felipe Pires
3D Artist: Raquel Fernandes


The Never Ending Forest

We developed an AR app for Faber-Castell that recognized the color of the brand’s colored pencils and transformed each one into a 3D animal from the Brazilian fauna. The creatures would then come alive with the color treatment the child wanted. This project wons lots of awards, including Gold in Cannes.
Agency: David
Production: Vetor Zero
Creative Director: Luis Evandro
3D Artist Scenario: Raquel Fernandes
Fox animation: Raquel Fernandes

Showcase of app.


Your business can't stop

We create many animations in 3D, showing the different businesses, that can use the Cielo`s machine.
Agency: Y&R
Studio: Vetor Zero
3D Model: Leandro Alves
Animation: Raquel Fernandes, Daniel Ueno
Look Dev: Hugo Dionisi, Alex



A project that shows that anyplace can be your bank agency.
Agency: BETC
Creative Director: Rodolfo Barreto
Art Director: Francisco Zuccato
3D Artist: Raquel Fernandes


New campaign for Carnival

We developed a new comunication language with a toy-art style for 99 Taxi.
Agency: Africa
Production: Vetor Zero
3D Artist: Raquel Fernandes


Box for influencers create their own posts

A new way to engage people. We`ve created boxes that contain four mini surprises, like ball, camera, glasses, printed in 3D. For people combine with oreo and create their own real posts.
Agency: LOV
Creative Director: Rafael Conde
Concept: Felipe Pires, Sophia Montenegro
Art Director: Rafael Conde, Raquel Fernandes
3D Artist: Raquel Fernandes


Virtual Experience

We have created an amazing experience of a tour showing how a car is built for a special event of automobilism .
Production: Vetor Zero
Creative Director: Luiz Evandro
Art Director: Davi Maine
3D Artist: Raquel Fernandes, Luiz Junior, Hugo Dionisi, Akira Habu, Lean Alves, Daniel Ueno


Introduction for a game


New films

For the campaign of the new movies in HBO channel we have created short animations with different style.
Agency: Crane
Illustration: Sam Werczler
Motion: Raquel Fernandes


Lights and particles


The backstage of fun

Creating our posts is so fun that we want to share with everyone, revealing the backstage. The first chosen is Making Of Caprichosos do Biscoito.
Agency: LOV
Creative Director: Gustavo Borrmann
Concept: Felipe Pires, Sophia Montenegro
3D Artist & Motion: Raquel Fernandes